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Take Back My Paycheck!

Long ago, in another place and time, I worked at the headquarters of AADP. Josh Weston, the CEO, occasionally gathered all the staff together, thousands of them, for an inspirational meeting. Hanging over the balconies, we anticipated his words of inspiration, as he spoke from the podium in the atrium below. We loved listening to stories about ADP’s past and with excitement awaited word about how our current projects would positively impact the company.

Josh Weston spoke about social goals as well, such as our blood drives supported with vacation time accrual per blood donation and unique volunteer opportunities, such as joining an ADP emergency medical squad. I don’t think it was just me who had the feeling that despite having so many employees, he spoke to us as individuals. He cared about us, our families and our future.

As owner of Hearts Pest Management, I’ve tried in so many little ways to replicate the feeling I had listening to Josh Weston. I want my workers to feel that no matter what their job is, it is important and that as people, I value their contributions and unique worth. Employees need more than just a paycheck in the give and take between the employer and the employed. They need inspiration, respect, even a little understanding from time to time, on the way to meeting production goals.

The article I wrote for PMP this month is not controversial, as some of my work has been. It’s simply inspirational… I hope. Here’s how we do it at Hearts Pest Management, one message at a time. So read Take Back My Paycheck!

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  • Susan Goodman says:

    Gerry – I so enjoyed the preamble to the article that you wrote and the article itself. Very inspiring. Thank you! Alan and I both work very hard to give recognition to staff and colleagues. A nice practice he has is to send a birthday card (with a hand-written note)to each and every one of his 500+ staff. They really appreciate it! Thanks again! Sue

    • Gerry says:

      Thanks so much for contributing to the Hearts Pest Management blog.

      I’ve never been very good at sending out birthday cards. If I were to make it a point to send out birthday cards to my workers, for sure I’d never forget birthday cards for my family. That would keep me out of trouble on the home front!

      Best regards to the family,


  • thos003 says:


    You are truly a business run like a family. I love the fortune cookie notes. I have honestly been uplifted here today. Thank you.


    • Gerry says:

      Thomas, I am very thankful to have you as a regular contributor to this blog. Thank you for your insights, coaching and camaraderie.

      Best wishes,


  • Gerry,

    I thought your article in the current issue of PMP was a very important reminder that appreciating the work of our peers and co-workers is not enough in itself, we must show our appreciation continually. You’re tip on how to show appreciation is simple and meaningful.

    Thanks for continuing to share your thoughts, keep up the good work!

    Best Wishes,

    Luis Agurto Jr.

    • Gerry says:

      Luis, thank you for adding to the discussion on this blog.

      Best wishes for a good spring-summer pest season.

      Thinking of you and all my friends in northern California.


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