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Family Business vs. A Business of Family

Family Business: Father knows best, son’s skills not to be questioned, mom is the secret weapon in the back office, non-family workers are not to be trusted, their benefits and wages to be kept to a minimum. We wouldn’t want them to think that they run this company!

Business of Family: Father may know best but is able to listen and even accept some recommendations, even from non-family members. Son recognizes that things don’t just come to you on a silver platter. Mom has her own life. If she’s in the business, she has the interests of workers’ families on her mind. Workers understand that ownership has its’ privileges, but they feel valued and have career paths and are both happy and proud to be part of a business that treats non-family members as if they were blood.

Do you work for a family business or a business run like a family?

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    • Gerry says:

      Thank you very much for leaving your comment on our blog. I love your website and moreso the commitment you obviously feel to supporting your employees. Sadly, we are few and far between in our industry, but it does allow us to stand out.
      I greatly admire your company and I am sure that as our company grows I will be incorporating some of the excellent programs you have at Bulwark.
      I hope we will have a chance to actually meet up at PestWorld 2009 in Vegas. We should make advance arrangements to meet.


  • It’s great to know a family business that helping and supporting one another.

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